Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

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Mark’s interview with Carol Vecchio

October 22, 2013 | 30 minute interview on the ‘Design a Life you Love’ show. Carol Vecchio is the founder of Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal, an organization whose mission is to offer lifelong tools to navigate uncertainty, build meaningful careers and design courageous lives. During the 90’s after I left teaching and was trying to figure out what my life should be about, I spent two years working with Centerpoint. Their programs were pivotal in helping me […]

Longing and Acceptance

My two year old daughter continues to be an amazing teacher for me as well as a gift in my life. The other day my daughter was expressing a great deal of anger and frustration. Her mother was out of town for five days and separated from her for the first time in her life. After connecting with her mom on the phone a bit, my daughter was inconsolable. Her heart ached, as all our hearts ache, for her mom, […]

Research on Mindfulness

In the past 25 years Mindfulness and its various practices have gone from being an esoteric spiritual practice from the east to something that is considered part of evidence-based medicine, something actually used and proscribed by doctors and other medical professionals world-wide. Much of this change can be attributed to the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues at The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society located at the University of Massachusetts. Since the late 70’s that center […]


In a workshop in Portland I attended the late Irish poet John O’Donahue said: “The visible is the first shoreline of the invisible.” I believe that beauty is the place where the invisible touches the visible, where the divine penetrates and makes contact with the human, where the unknown mystery makes contact with the known.

A Mindful Life

As the new year begins I find myself reflecting on what it means to commit to or to recommit to a mindful life. And I think this is an important reflection because the commitment to a mindful life is not made once. We need to make this commitment every day, indeed, every moment, every breath. The force of habit is so strong and our default is to fall back into mindlessness and unconsciousness. It is so easy for us to […]

Vulnerability: Choosing Love

Lately I have been thinking that all of the work of being in a couple and being intimate comes down to our ability to soften to and accept our own and each other’s imperfect humanity. In my work with couples I watch so often people lashing out at others, blaming their partners, when they begin to come close to the tender raw spots inside themselves. We are so defended against our fragile humanity. It seems there is a part of […]