Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

Mark Goodman’s “Soul Matters” Podcast

Soul Matters Podcast



What is soul? Why does it matter?  And what does it have to do with living a joyful and whole human life?  Psychotherapists Juliana Pope and Mark Goodman will engage with these questions and will engage others as they explore what it is to live a joyful and soulful life. Along the way, they will bring their over 50,000 hours of clinical experience, as well as their commitment to contemplative and mindfulness-based life practices to these questions. They hope to bring a wide range of perspectives to these questions looking at both right brain and left brain methodologies, cognitive therapy and mindfulness, the latest finding in neuroscience and the ancient teachings from eastern philosophy and practices. They invite you on this journey of exploration with them because these are essential and important questions, questions that often get overlooked in the rush and stress of the day. They invite you to explore and engage with them because Soul Matters.