Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy


I am affirming and welcoming to all forms of neurodiversity and to all expressions of gender and sexual identity..
Individual Therapy

My work is about creating a safe enough space for you to compassionately welcome all of yourself back into your heart, even the parts of you that you find ugly or painful or difficult. It is counter-intuitive, but in turning toward the parts of ourselves that we have been avoiding healing and change become possible.

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Couples Therapy

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a model of communication that empowers us to speak and listen in a way that is most likely to inspire compassion and to keep us connected to our own and each other’s basic humanity. It is a language that helps us stay in touch with the natural compassion at the core of the human heart.

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Supervision and Consultation

I provide mindfulness-based, holistic supervision. I will help you bring a mindfulness lens and perspective to your cases so that you can actually work in the here and now, work experientially, where, I believe, true healing and growth can happen most effectively. I will also help you look honestly at yourself. Often, cases where you are stuck point to unhealed parts of yourself that need attention before the work with the particular client can move forward. That is why I call myself a holistic supervisor, because I believe it serves your clients to do your own work.

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Family Therapy

I find that there is often a lot of pain and unspoken secrets in families. If there is safe way to have important conversations, then there is an opportunity to renegotiate these relationships, heal the pain of the past and establish closer, more honest, more open, and more fulfilling relationships between family members. In essence this work can lead to a renewal of relationships, a deepening of honesty and authenticity, and a moving out of habitual, outdated and destructive ways of relating to family members, to these people that matter.

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